Sad: In Goaso an alleged w! Tch begs a fetish priestess to sacrifice her – video

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An unnamed woman suspected of being a fetish priest is shown torturing another woman in a viral video.

According to footage uploaded on social media, the fetish priestess was first seen dragging the woman to the floor, slapping her face repeatedly, stepping on her, and finally picking up a knife to remove all of her clothes.

She was stripped almost to her underwear.

While others stood by and took photos and videos, she cut her hair and made fun of her. The victim is accused by the fetish priestess in the video of perpetrating witchcraft on his family.

And that she wanted to murder the only son of the fetish priestess, but was killed by the spirits of her gods.

In the video, the victim also takes responsibility for her crimes, names the people she murdered and asks for forgiveness. She asked the fetish priestess to help her beat her up and drive the evil spirit out of her.

She even asked if she could offer herself to her gods because she had committed enough transgressions.

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