Sarcody explains why many Ghanaians are unsuccessful

Rapper Sarkodie diagnosed Ghana’s problems and determined why most of the people in the country are unsuccessful. He made his conclusions known in a post he shared with fans on Facebook around the world on Sunday.

The country’s greatest rapper said the people of Ghana don’t want to see their colleagues’ success and will do everything in their power to tear them down.

This has contributed immensely to the fact that some Ghanaians are not successful in what they are doing.

His contribution read, “Either you want to lift people up or you don’t … Pushing someone down should never be part of the options. Where am I from? We’re happy when people fall, that’s why a good percentage remains unsuccessful (unhappy) … Always know that you are what you feel. Celebrate people, rejoice for people, uplift people and it will automatically bounce back to you. “

After sharing the post, most Ghanaians agreed with the rapper why many people are unsuccessful because they don’t want others to win too.

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