Sarcody is too arrogant to deserve my support – Blakk Rasta

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Sarcody is too arrogant to deserve my support – Blakk Rasta. Sarcody is not a guy I’ll be happy to support because he’s too arrogant. Popular Ghanaian musician and radio host Blakk Rasta has described rapper Sarkodie as a man too arrogant for his taste.

On Zylofon FM, Blakk Rasta said that Sarcody has no respect for femininity and that he will never endorse him. He also stated that Sarcody doesn’t even respect his mother and father. According to Blakk Rasta, sarcody was humble and very respectful before it even became a household name in the music industry.

The controversial media personality went on to add that if he were his son, he would have denied sarcody.

“This is not a guy I would like to support, he’s too arrogant for my taste and I say that with passion. During his “kasahare” days he was very humble, even a goat that he will greet on his way. In his own words, since he became famous, he has not been able to take calls, not even his birth mother’s calls.

What is your goal on earth if you have no respect for your own mother? This guy has to come out and apologize to femininity, it’s so sad. I would have denied him if he were my son. “, he said.

Blakk Rasta made this statement when responding to Sarkodie’s claim in a recent interview on Zylofon FM that his mother always complains that he doesn’t answer her calls.

Check out the video below: Sarcody is Too Arrogant To Deserve My Support – Blakk Rasta.

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