Screenshots: Social media crucify Petrah for stupid comments

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Screenshots: Social media crucify Petrah for stupid comments. That early morning didn’t go down well with some people as someone decided to ruin their blues and rhythm. A perfect day could have been punctuated by the stupid opinions of an ambitious lady chasing the times to breathe the fresh air of the mainstream music industry.

Petrah woke up feeling dangerous enough to get her point across the music industry. We can’t tell if it was her understandable point of view or maybe it was imaginary perception. All we do know is that she tweeted it all while patting her chest with her hands when she never stopped at two or nine but instead broadcast more tweets that were on the same channel of disturbed thinking or maybe one medical recognized cause followed.

It began with what probably came out as a joke and was strictly ignored, and followed with a much more argumentative memory that likely caught the meteoric attention of every passerby. I bet for every $ 30 that transpired on the minds of everyone who came across this tweet was: “Ah girl wei bribi gye gye nu anaa, gyama amanfuo aduaba yi bi a girl yi akofa adi, oh saa girl nu di3 jon tsssws”. Annoying as it was for many, it was also the most painful thing anyone of her caliber can say, which led to the comment choking her to the point of maximum indulgence.

By the way, if you’re also motivated enough to wonder who that lost sister in Christ is? Her name is Petrah and an acclaimed multi-genre artist in Ghana with fewer than 6,000 monthly listeners and less than 70,000 tracks from her all-time stats on Audiomack and 12,000 followers on Twitter who also thinks she’s the best woman Ghana’s music scenes have ever existed. With no discography to back up their claims, it’s obvious why anyone who came across her tweet is pushing it back to reality at all costs.

What made the backlash severe was her constant swearwords that followed these two tweets.

The fact that she ended a series of swear words with a divided grace makes the whole thing look egregious. She poured out her heart and ended up saying too much to win a fan or lose respect and respect. Shadows continued to fly left and right and we are unable to discuss it, but the question we need to ask ourselves is whether her comments are enough to create such a backlash, or she is just too subpar, to entertain them, to make them swoon?

Where does she stand to spit out anyway? According to many, she is just another good-looking cheat of a musician who has absolutely no talent but has the courage to flaunt her nudity in order to draw the audience’s attention to her music, which always ends in disappointment. As always, we imagined ourselves perfectly from the start, but the reason is still because she raised her head and saw the lineup of female artists in the country and made such claims, then they have every reason to beat themselves up.

Everyone had a part of their opinion to punch her in the face so much that the backlash put her name right in the top 10 trends. For many, this was all they wished for, whatever makes their name in the trends, no matter how. She doesn’t care if it got there after being dragged through the mud or if it was pampered there in peace. She wants their attention at all costs as her recordings even include the use of the grounds of a serious demonstration to remind everyone that she has a human, a woman and a good looking butt too.


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