Shocking! Doctor finds spider in woman’s ear

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A doctor was shocked to discover that a blockage in a woman’s ear was actually a spider that decided to make a camp in her ear canal.

The woman from China named Yi went to the hospital after having discomfort in her ear and hearing a strange noise. She was outside the night before when she first noticed the problem.

When the itching became unbearable, Yi decided to see a doctor, suspecting an infection.

However, the doctor examined her ear and found a spider crawling around “on the surface of the eardrum” of her ear. When a camera was stuck in her ear, the crawling animal would come towards the lens, making it look much larger.

The spider stayed in the woman’s ear all NIGHT.

The doctor was able to remove the spider using an electric otoscope, a device that doctors use to look into people’s ears.

The incident was reported from Zhuzhou, southern China’s Hunan Province.

In 2019, another Chinese man who complained about an itchy ear found that his ear had a live spider that also built a nest by weaving spider web. The man felt a “creeping feeling” and constant itching in his right ear over a longer period of time.

When doctors examined the inside of his ear with a microscope, they were shocked to discover a gray spider crawling in the man’s ear canal. The spider that had been in his ear for a long time was removed. The man did not suffer any injuries.

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