Shocking when 2,034 failed law school entrance exams

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After the results of the 2020 entrance exam for admission to the Ghana School of Law (GSL) were praised as “progressive and commendable”, “only” 28% of this year’s exams passed this year, as most online portals have confirmed.

A publication by the General Legal Council’s (GLC) Independent Examination Board last year showed that 1,045 students passed the Law School 2020 entrance exam out of a total of 2,720 candidates, a 38% pass rate.

This year, 790 out of 2,824 students passed, giving a pass rate of 28%, which is a 10% decrease.

However, those two years are far better than 2019 when only 128 students out of 1,820 candidates passed the Ghana School of Law entrance exam, which is only 10%.

The management of the Ghana School of Law has subsequently stated that the institution is considering introducing a three-pronged system to increase enrollment in the form of improved passports.

According to the director of the Ghana School of Law, Maxwell Opoku Agyeman, due to the large number of approved institutions, the three-pronged system will allow them to maximize the use of their limited facility.

The new system will also ensure that the weekly academic timetable for lectures is more time-efficient.

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