Some unvaccinated NBA players may be missing out on big bucks this season

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A vast majority of NBA players have received the COVID-19 vaccine. Some, like Karl-Anthony Towns, who not only caught the virus in January but also killed his mother, uncle, and five other family members, were early proponents of vaccination. Others, like LeBron James, persevered before being given the vaccine in the name of teamwork.

But there are still several players across the league who are either unvaccinated or who don’t share their vaccination status. And it could cost some of them a lot of money – notably Kyrie Irving of the Brooklyn Nets and Andrew Wiggins of the Golden State Warriors.

Andrew Wiggins (far left) and Kyrie Irving (far right) could potentially lose a lot of money if they are not vaccinated. (Sarah Stier / Getty Images)

Both San Francisco and New York City have issued executive orders in recent weeks that require vaccinations to enter certain buildings. A person must be fully vaccinated to enter the Chase Center in San Francisco, home of the Golden State Warriors. The Barclays Center in New York requires a COVID-19 syringe.

The rules would only affect actors in those markets. Foreign visitors have exceptions, so the vaccination regulations do not apply to them.

Marc Spears reported that Wiggins was asked about the money he could potentially lose, and Wiggins replied that this was his problem, not the media’s. Bobby Marks followed noting that Wiggins would be forfeited $ 8.9 million if he misses all 41 home games.

In the meantime, Yahoo! Sports reports Irving would lose $ 425,000 for every game he misses played in New York – all 41 Nets games and two street games with the New York Knicks. Since Irving also plays in the New York market, these games are de facto home games. Every Knicks player is vaccinated.

All in all, Irving was about to lose $ 18 million if he misses the whole season. He did not take part on the team’s media day on Monday because of unvaccinated people.

It is entirely possible that both Wiggins and Irving have either been vaccinated or choose to be vaccinated before the season starts. But at the moment it looks like they are ready to give up a lot of money to stay unvaccinated.

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