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Strong Man Last Verse Lyrics + Audio

Strong Man Last Vers Lyrics & Audio. Listen & stream Last verse from Strong man. read this text and watch the official music video on our website. Check it out below and don’t forget to share.

Strong Man Last Verse Audio (MP3)

Strong Man Last Verse (Official Music Video)

Strong Man Last Verse Lyrics

Adekye Nsroma
Gye me din Nkrumah
Hyer3n s3 nsroma
Yede Rap atwa m’afruma

Mano has okyer3ma. eaten
I flow te akoma
Mede rap no a to gya so
Meb3 ho no s3 acroma

A letter to the crazy rappers
Are up for debate
I’ll pick up the badge, so
The beams rise

M’oda gye wa bʋsua
Se ɔwɔ Auto, ɔwɔ Benz buh rap mʋ ɔda Bank
Big body big body w’adwene sɛ coins
The fire does not go out where rap ɛne sequence

You fought against your master
Men wokɔ asorɛ aa repent
Yenkɔ gym aa you’re not fit, boys no nim sɛ boy no you’re sick

Headset shɛ m’aso,
Mic no se hɔ deɛ aa
Joo gyina hɔ kyerɛ wo fake
ɛba no rap aa I’m still crazy

Where y guy, well i drink e where cane
se ɔhɔ hit, w’aya best rapper
Joo the boy is still in pain
Yenkyrɛw pen where social media

Buh wonkyrɛw ee basaa
Sɛn deɛ wotumi da wɔ wowofie
Wokɔ prison aa yɛnda saa
Where fiaa yi na wobɛ shot to aa

neɛ Chale fa bɔ paa
Sʋsʋ kasa na mat tse sɛ Auto no ɛbi yɛ maɔkwaa
SS graduates hold your heart before you talk to the graduate
Lyricsjah Yɛse Strong is back on the mic

Akoa Anya Migraine
Where Rap Bonka
Yi w’asom menkyerɛ wo rap high quality
Young boss, I’m dropping lines, no
Mo deɛ wɔ sideways
Ghanaian young rapper aa odi kan kɔɔ tim westwood

Claim e back to back na to wo bo
Check out all the views with youtube
Over seven years in the game
The king is still cool
Trumpet time up to date

The boy is still f00l
Hey …
Same movement, body not the same lotion
Tired of saving bullsh! T
My flow dey gyei ocean
Every day in the balling, enemies fall

So meyɛ rap aa emma no nyɛ news
Well rap no menyaa no vocation
Controversy all the time
ɛnoaa na Boss wo hit
Too risky ne omo ada nyinaa
ɛmaa na maa wo hit
The upcoming rapper na wo bɛ tumi

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