The amateur boxing president said that Takyi is not yet a professional boxer.

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George Lamptey, the president of the Ghana Amateur Boxing Authority, has discredited claims that Samuel Takyi is being promoted from amateur to professional boxer. During an interview, the Olympic bronze medalist said he was promoted to the next boxing tier.

The President of the Ghana Amateur Boxing Authority said that Samuel Takyi did not understand the question and therefore gave the wrong answer. According to George Lamptey, the Olympic third is not yet ready to fight as a professional.

“No, he’s not getting professional because now it was a question, they asked him and he didn’t think about it well, but I talked to him and he had no idea the interview could be discarded. He is focused on his amateur career; I spoke to his management and they were surprised too, so he got to the heart of this decision and focused on his next step. “
“We will have to consult his management as well as professional boxers like former world champion Azumah Nelson before we close so we don’t endanger his boxing career after he has hoisted the flag of Ghana,” said Lamptey.

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