The easiest way to re-register your SIM card without the hassle

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This nationwide exercise is designed to monitor and track down individuals who attempt to use their phones for diabolical activities such as crime and other threats.

The exercise is expected to end on March 31 next year.

Any SIM that is not registered at the end of this exercise will be blocked, according to the minister.

Take a look at the processes you go through to re-register your SIM card.

Level 1: Linking the SIM card with the Ghana card via USSD

  1. Dial the function code * 404 #
  2. Enter Ghana Card-Pin (Note: Enter letters and numbers without hyphens)

  3. Confirm Ghana map pin

  4. Enter last name

  5. Enter first name (s)

  6. Enter date of birth (format: DDMMYYYY)

  7. Select gender

  8. Confirm details

  9. Send the data provided after confirmation

Note: You will receive a confirmation message with a unique code if this is successful.

If this is unsuccessful due to incorrect information, you have 3 attempts to answer security questions.

If this was unsuccessful due to a verification error with the national identification authority, you will be notified to contact the NIA.

Level 2:

In the second phase, the consumer of the network must contact your service provider (agent or customer care) to complete this phase of registration.

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