The Energy Secretary has announced that the government has paid 87 percent of Ameri Power’s debt.

The Ghanaian government has paid around 90% of the total amount of the 250-megawatt Ameri power plant, which was purchased from the United Arab Emirates-based Africa and Middle East Resources Investment Group. The procurement was made in 2015 under the previous administration when the country experienced irregular electricity supply due to the lack of electricity generation.

The price agreed with the Ameri power plant was $ 510 million. The plant’s Middle East Resources Investment Group would manage it for five years and then transfer it to the government of Ghana under the Build Own Operate and Transfer (BOOT) agreement.

As of November 2020, more than $ 447 has been paid out of $ 510. “We wrote to the Treasury to settle the remaining debts that were later unsettled,” said the energy minister. Ameri is reportedly ready to forego more than $ 2 million if the government pays the remaining amount on time.

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