“The government will do nothing to thwart your professional future” – The Deputy State Minister assures the workers of the Ghana Bauxite Company

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Sweetheart. George Mireku Duker, Deputy Minister of Land and Natural Resources in charge of Mines, has assured workers at the Ghana Bauxite Company that the government will not make decisions that will deprive them of their livelihoods.

According to him, the government’s ultimate goal is to protect the livelihoods of employees and strategically position the company to ensure its sustainability as it is the leading bauxite company in the country.

After meeting the management of the Ghana Bauxite Company on Tuesday, 24 mining laws to guarantee maximum benefits for the state and workers.

Sweetheart. Mireku Duker stated that the company has tremendous potential and that the government is keen to find ways to explore the company’s potential to the top and make it a viable source of income and employment.

“I will ask you to relax because you are the reason we are here. We won’t leave you behind. We take you into the perspective and future of this company. You may have a heart that says I don’t understand what the minister is saying, but we are all sincere here for the good of this country and that explains our visit this morning, ”he said.

“We are here to give you the assurance that the government will do nothing to thwart your future career. You worked for this company and it has reached a certain level that the state wants to take over the stake in this company. As the oversight ministry, we are working to reach the agreement, so please never lose trust, faith or throw your hands in despair. There is a future when this government will get stronger and stronger. So I’m here to assure you of our commitment, ”he added.

The Tarkwa-Nsuaem MP noted that the company’s assets have dwindled over the years due to inefficient administration, but the government through the Land Ministry is ready to ensure a turnaround.

He urged workers to believe in the government and did his best to help the company get the height it should.

“Our story has not been as smooth in terms of profitability and has not delivered the country the expected dividends. The future of this company is important. What is being dismantled today, we will not have tomorrow. They also know that we mine for a specific purpose. South Africa is said to have used mining to develop some of its cities because the owners of these concessions are in the country and anything they mine is kept in South Africa. In Ghana we have a different story because most of our large companies are foreign owned and we are therefore dependent on taxes. ”

Hon. George Mireku Duker warned that the government will not hesitate to whip foreign companies found guilty of violating the country’s laws. However, he assured that mining companies that strictly follow the rules will be protected and will get the full benefit of their investment.

Regional Minister West-North, Hon. Richard Joojo Obeng said the government is looking at recent developments within the company and is focusing on resolving the issues to keep it running smoothly.

The collaboration between the minister, staff and management of the Ghana Bauxite Company follows recent reports of tension within the company over the withdrawal of one of the company’s key investors.

The meeting with the staff and management was preceded by a courtesy visit to the chief of Sewhi Anwhiaso, Ogyeahorhuor Kwaku Gyebi II., In his palace.

The Hon. George Mireku Duker and his entourage, including the CEO of the Minerals Commission, Martin Ayisi, CEO of GIADEC, Michael Ansah, the Chief Inspector of Mines, Richard Kofi Adjei, and the Technical Director of Mines, Mr. Peter Awuah, are on one Fact-finding mission to decipher the full state of the company and how to solve the problems that cripple it.

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