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Ghana is a fantastic travel destination in Africa with friendly people, delicious cuisine and beautiful natural resources. It is a fascinating destination in West Africa that will motivate you to visit Africa frequently. To fully see all of its sights, it is important to make sure you are visiting Ghana at the best time.

The ideal time to plan your vacation depends on a number of factors, such as weather conditions, airfare and hotels, peak travel time, and other factors. Ghana has a tropical climate due to its proximity to the equator and its low altitude. During the day, temperatures are very high, around 30 degrees Celsius, while the humidity along the coast is usually 80%. In most regions of the country, temperatures tend to remain stable throughout the year. At night, the temperatures in the dry areas drop rapidly compared to the humid regions. The West African nation does not experience strong seasonal changes.

When going on vacation to Ghana, it is advisable to take seasonal factors such as rain into account. The year is divided into two main seasons, a rainy season between April and September and a dry season between October and March. The climate varies in different areas: The season in the southern region is characterized by rainfall. The rains in the southern region start from March to May and from October to February. The ideal travel time for the south of Ghana is between May and June.

The other seasonal factor to consider before traveling to Ghana is that Harmattan winchblowing during the dry season. The winds blow from the northeast and carry dust from the Sahara. The dust results in a restricted view of about a kilometer or less than a kilometer. The winds start in late November or early December and last until March. The tourists who visit Ghana during this time are very disadvantaged as most of the beaches are becoming less attractive. In addition, hikers miss the picturesque view from the mountains. Passionate photographers do not manage to capture the most beautiful moments and the most exciting times as desired.

Here come the harmattan winds of West Africa |  Africa times

Although budget, leisure time, and personal interests also determine the time some tourists visit Ghana. The budget might limit some tourists visiting Ghana in the off-season in order to save money as the fees are usually high in the high season. Ghana holds some festivals and events; some have specific dates while others occur occasionally. The Dipo festival has a fixed date, while the Ashanti Akwasidae celebrations take place regularly (every six weeks on Sundays), accompanied by drums, dancing, horns and singing. Depending on personal interests such as attending seasonal festivals, some tourists may consider visiting at this specific time as some festivals are held at certain times of the year.

The recommended travel time for Ghana is the winter of the northern hemisphere, between October and April. During this time the climate is neither hot nor cold compared to other seasons. The humidity is kind of low so this is the best time to visit Ghana. During this time there are fewer mosquitos, so the chance of getting malaria is lower. Tourists interested in natural treasures such as wildlife should pay a visit during the dry season, as it is easier to spot wildlife when the grass is low. The birds are accompanied by all kinds of seasonal migratory birds. Ghana experiences long days and short nights in April; Therefore, if you plan to visit more places during the day, it is advisable to plan your visit during this time.

The best time to experience the coastal climate is during the hot climate (October to April). November is the sunniest month with seven hours of sunshine a day, during which time you can sunbathe and relax on the beaches.

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