The Trump Truth social network failed to properly license its platform
The Trump Truth social network failed to properly license its platform

The Trump Truth social network failed to properly license its platform

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TRUTH has 30 days to comply

When former President Donald Trump’s new social media platform, TRUTH Social, recently ran a trial, it breached a license agreement and now has 30 days to fix the problem or completely lose the rights to the underlying software.

The website came about after the ex-president vowed to create his own website to express his opinion after speaking from pretty much all major social media at the height of the pandemic and violent protests on Capitol Hill. Platforms has been blocked.

Trump Media and Technology Group (TMTG), a company working on the idea, used Mastdodon – free, open source software that allows anyone to run self-hosted social networking services. The problem with Mastodon is that anyone who uses it must comply with the AGPLv3, the software license that governs its code.

And AGPLv3 says that anyone who uses the platform must share the source code with all users. TMTG, as you can imagine, did not do this in the short time frame that the trial version of the site was available.

Licensing problems

“The license purposely treats everyone equally (including people we don’t like or disagree with), but they have to work according to the same rules of copyleft licenses that apply to everyone else,” the SFC said in a blog entry.

TRUTH Social now has 30 days to meet the requirements or it will permanently lose access to the website building software required to build the platform.

“This is how the AGPLv3 rate scheme works – no exceptions – even if you are a real estate mogul, reality TV star or even a former POTUS,” said the SFC.

Shortly after the company was notified, TRUTH Social was demolished. While there has been speculation that it has been defaced, SFC believes it has not.

“Once caught in the act, Trump’s group struggled and dismantled the site,” it said. “It’s worth noting that we couldn’t find any evidence that anyone broke into the site illegally. All of the evidence available on the internet suggests that the site was simply provisioned early on as a test and without proper configuration (such as pre-reserving some account names).

By Sead Fadilpašić

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