There’s no 8 to break – Lord Commey

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President of Operations Director of Operations, Lord Commey

The Presidency’s Director of Operations, Lord Commey, has stated that the ruling nuclear power plant has no interest in breaking the 8 and will not hand over power to the NDC.

According to him, the NPP will keep power. Mr Commey said so at the Greater Accra Regional Delegates Conference on Friday.

On behalf of the President at the conference, he added that the President has every intention of handing over power to the nearest NPP flag bearer and not to the opposition.

“I don’t care who becomes national chairman, I don’t care who becomes the flag bearer, what interests me is that the NPP continues to rule this country.”

He urged grassroots NPP members to work hard to ensure that the NPP does not make costly mistakes due to pettiness that would lead the party to give up power

“Breaking the 8 has become a slogan. I don’t have an 8 to break. I will continue; Tell your friend we’re going on … you’re just scared like there’s something to break. “

Clarifying his statements too News night, Mr. Commey stated that his words were not undemocratic – his job vis-à-vis the members was to ensure that the party constitutionally retained power.


He said the officials he spoke to are vital at the grassroots level and cannot make costly mistakes due to pettiness, anger, or laziness.

He added that the only challenge the party faces is closing its ranks and that he has tasked the officers with ensuring that the people of Ghana give them mandates to rule the country again in 2024.

At the same event, Ayawaso Central MP and Greater Accra Regional Minister Henry Quartey said officials should beware of their comments in the future.

In his opinion, this is because such comments would be used against them by the opposition from 2024 onwards.

“What you say today, you will face it in 2024, if you are in a position to defend the party. What you say today is being used by the opposition to campaign and when they do, make sure it doesn’t harm you. “

Although a new presidential candidate has not yet been named, the NPP is preparing for the primaries and gathering its base for the 2024 parliamentary elections at full speed.

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