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Accra is a vibrant city on the Ghanaian coast with various tourist attractions. It is an ideal travel destination with a fantastic climate and an environment conducive to relaxation. There are several reasons why you should make Accra your next vacation destination. Accra has the following amazing activities:

The art scene still exists.

Most tourists find Accra to be a great arts center with multiple galleries that carry various art collections. The 1957 Gallery at the luxurious Kempinski Hotel hosts shows and lectures by amazing local tourists. ANO is the newest arts center offering the modern narrative for Ghanaian art. Ghana hosts the Chale Wote Streets Festival in Accra every year to ensure art is accessible to all.

Best traditional dishes in Africa

Traditional main dishes include banku, vegetable banana and beans, fufu, and various soups. Jollof is one of the best traditional dishes prepared in Ghana. Most of the tourists who like traditional dishes prefer to travel to Accra to try the best traditional dishes. The dishes can be found in local street stalls, open air bush canteens and restaurants.

Clubs go Wednesday through Sunday.

The people of Ghana love to have fun and dance. Ghanaian clubs are usually full Wednesday through Sunday. On Wednesday people go to the Firefly Lounge; On Thursdays the Nick Knight of Soho House has a scene for everyone. The Plot 7 storage room houses the most people on Fridays, while the Twist Lounge or Duplex houses the most people on Saturdays and Sundays.

Relax in the hills

Pool on the slope.  - Picture of Hillburi - Aburi - Tripadvisor

Aburi Hill is is located in Accra City. It’s super cool, green and very welcoming for all tourists who want to relax away from the city. There are no mosquitos on this hill, so you can enjoy the excellent surroundings and gardens. You can either rent a bike to cycle to the hill or walk. The hill has a pool, a decent and gorgeous Peduase Valley Resort, and the Hillburi Lodge where you can get your favorite meal. The hill offers a fantastic view of the city.

Accra offers various sports activities.

Sports enthusiasts choose Accra for their vacation because the city offers a wide range of sports. The main games offered in Accra include polo, horse riding, rugby, surfing and street hockey. The city has other activities that tourists can participate in to ensure they stay physically fit.

Weekly Labadi Beach Party

Every week Labadi Beach hosts a party packed with large speakers. The beach turns into a cheerful environment from night to morning. Drinks are generally served the way people enjoy themselves.

Accra has excellent fabric markets.

Accra has several fabric shops with colorful clothing. Tourists can purchase the fabrics either in shops or from street vendors.

Shopping in the Makola market

The famous Makola market is large and has a lot to offer. The markets have large warehouses, street vendors selling housewares and second-hand clothing. If this is your first time visiting this market, it is advisable to be accompanied by someone who is familiar with the area.

Jamestown Street Art provides a great photo backdrop

Jamestown is on the outskirts of the city of Accra. The city offers a great environment for anyone who loves photography. It is a center of art and tourists can encounter all kinds of original, brave, adventurous and amazing art in any region of this city.

Enjoy live music performances.

The city of Accra has numerous venues where people can enjoy live music performances. It’s exciting to hear Afro-based music in unique locations. On Fridays, the hi-life band Dizzy Lizzie of Kokrobite performs on the beaches. The Big Milly’s Backyard later entertains people with a Burkinable Koura band. A live band performs every week during the reggae party in the open-air and lively Republic Bar and Grill. It is lovely to see the live music performances at this excellent venue.

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