Top 25 “religious” countries with the highest rates of P.orn watching, see where Ghana falls

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For a country where over 85% of the population is religious, it really comes as a shock that Ghana is listed among the top countries that watch PornHub on a daily basis.

A country like Nigeria is also very religious; its citizens shy away from open discussions on sexual issues. It is literally an abomination for anyone in Ghana and Nigeria to speak openly about s3x.

In 2019, Pornhub released a list of the top 25 countries that have visited their website. In the list, these 25 countries often look for “BBW” where plus size women have women.

The first country on the list is Nigeria. The second on the list is none other than Ghana. Despite the thousands of churches and the president’s decision to build a national cathedral, citizens seem to have different interests.

See the full list below;

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