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There are numerous benefits to being a celebrity, including public worship, affection and love, the ability to live luxuriously, travel to the most beautiful places in the world, and just live well.

However, like a coin, popularity can have negative effects such as extortion, extortion, and even spreading false information about celebrities for monetary and other gain. These Ghanaian celebrities were previously the victims of fake news claiming they died while they were alive.

Papa Lumba

Ghanaian high-life music lovers were puzzled by rumors that legendary Ghanaian high-life musician Daddy Lumba was dead in 2019. However, the news was refuted when famous blogger Kumi Kasa published a story claiming that Daddy Lumba’s manager confirmed that the artist is still alive.Papa Lumba


In 2019 there were allegations and reports that Rose Mensah, also known as Kyeiwaa, a well-known Kumawood actress, had passed away. Because the actress didn’t refuse the request, the rumor persisted for about a week. However, the actress later stepped forward to deny all of these allegations.

Kyeiwaa claims she is currently in the United States. She said she only went public after her death was reported to convince her loyal followers that she was still alive. She threatened to curse any news organization or blogger who fabricated false death reports on her.

Abedi Pele

In 2016, there were reports that legendary Ghanaian soccer player and former Black Star captain, Abedi Pele, was dead. The news was quickly dismissed by his famous sons Andre and Dede Ayew, who posted on their social media pages and revealed in interviews that their father, Abedi Pele, was still alive.


Ghana’s favorite rapper Sarkodie is said to be dead in 2018. In keeping with his status, news of his “death” spread like wildfire. It all started with the BET winner having an accident with Amakye Dede to Asante Agyem Agogo on his way to a show on Easter Monday.Sarcody

After the fake news reached them, Sarkodie posted on his Twitter page to announce that he was still alive and ready for his show.

Super OD

Though popular and veteran Ghanaian actor Asonaba Kwaky Darko, known as Super OD, came on Tuesday the 13th.NS In February 2018, before his death, there were rumors that he had lost his life. The fake story of his death remained subtle until it was forgotten

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Agya Koo

Agya Koo, a veteran Ghanaian actress and comedian, reportedly died on July 12, 2020, but the story was quickly discredited after Ghanaweb released a warning warning Ghanaians to ignore any allegations that the Kumawood performer was dead.

Further investigation has revealed that this is not the first time the actor has been reported missing. Agya Koo is believed to have died in a collision with his new Zoyte SUV award car in Accra in January 2011 while en route to Kumasi after the Ghana Movie Awards organizers handed him the car.Agya Koo

Agya Koo is still alive, kicks and currently lives in his house in Kumasi. The actor receives over 500 calls after the fake news goes viral.

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Kumawood actor Joseph Nana Osei Kofi, popularly known as Wayoosi, was pronounced dead more than once despite being alive. In 2016 the actor was rumored to be dead, but that news has been refuted by Viasat 1 TV.In America I had to drink my own urine - wayoosi

Although he was still alive, he was hospitalized and found in a critical situation. A similar rumor surfaced in 2013, suggesting that Wayoosi’s leg had been amputated, while another story claimed he was dead, forcing the actor to come out to deny the rumors.


The case of popular Kumawood actor Davis Abraham, known in media circles as Salinko, is very different. Salinko once claimed that he traveled to Hades and left his body lifeless. Some bloggers took the opportunity to pronounce him dead.Salinko

After the news of his death went viral, he came out briefly to debunk all of these claims in an exclusive interview with Zionfelix on the “Uncut” show.

Apraku my daughter

Before Pastor Emmanuel Kwaku Apraku, popularly known as Apraku My Daughter, finally passed away on Wednesday, May 20th, 2020, there were rumors that the pastor was dead. Before a viral video of the drunk looking pastor surfaced on the internet, he was reported dead, but then he was still alive.Apraku my daughter

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