Traditional food that you must try during your visit to Ghana

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10 traditional Ghanaian dishes that you must try

The culture of Ghana is based on its cuisine and especially on traditional dishes. The dishes come from different tribes and regions of the countries, others come from neighboring countries. Usually the traditional dishes are prepared with the Ghanaian staple foods such as cassava, yams, corn, plantain, which are served with vegetable soups or stews. In addition to the traditional dishes, fish, meat, rice, ginger, garlic, tomatoes and peppers are also served.

Red Red

Red-red is a satisfactory one traditional food which contains cowpea beans. It is served with palm oil and soft, fried plantains. A red and red dish doesn’t need a lot of spices because its main flavor comes from the ingredients. It is an ideal meal for people who do not like animal products.


What TikTok is doing wrong with Fufu |  Food & Wine

Fufu is a traditional food prepared by mashing cooked cassava with a mortar and pestle. During mashing, the cassavas are converted into a dough that can be shaped into balls. The Portuguese introduced cassava in the 16th century, and it has been a major ingredient in various Ghanaian dishes ever since. Fufu is commonly served with a soup such as a palm nut soup, a light soup, and a peanut soup.


Banku dish is made from fermented corn and cassava dough. It’s a sour gruel that is generally served with ground pepper and grilled fish. Banku is one of the favorite dishes of most of the tribes in Ghana, although Ga and the Ewes tribes introduced it.


Konkonte dish from Ghana - prepared by Mary

Konkonte is a traditional food that was widespread during the famine of the 1980s. The dish was also called “face to the wall,” which means that people were ashamed to ingest the food. It was made from various cassava cards that were available during this famine. The cassava was mashed before the meal was prepared, hence its brownish color. Konkonte was originally associated with lower-class citizens living in northern Ghana. Today, Konkonte is served with peanut, palm nut and okra soup and is popular with many people in Ghana.


Waakye is a famous traditional meal prepared for breakfast and lunch in Ghana. The dish shows the creative use of rice by the Ghanaians. It’s a red-brown meal made by mixing rice, beans, and sorghum leaves together. Waakye is served with grated cassava, spaghetti, lettuce, meat or fish. Waakye was originally common in Northern Ghana, but it is currently common in various streets of Accra.

Yam and Kontomire

The inhabitants of the Akan region originally prepared yams and kontomire dishes because yams are common in this place. Poached yams are usually served at Kontomire, and it is a famous food among the people of Ghana. The Kontomire stew is also known as “Palave sauce”. A local sauce is made with coconut leaves and palm oil.

Jollof rice

Jollof Rice is associated with Senegalese cuisine; It is a famous one-pot rice dish with tomatoes. The dish arose from the cultural exchange between West African countries. Jollof Rice is one of the most famous traditional Ghanaian dishes.


Kelewele is a fried plantain with various spices. The main spices used in preparing this meal are ginger and cayenne pepper. It is a popular meal among the people of West Africa because plantains are very valued. Kelewele is served with either peanuts or peanuts. Most people enjoy this food because plantain is a wonderful starter.

Kenkey and fried fish

Kenkey is a popular Ghanaian dish made with fermented white corn wrapped tamal-like in corn pods or plantain leaves. The Ga people in Accra originally made kenkey. Kenkey is mainly served with fried fish and pepper sauce.

Tuo Zaafi

Local food: TZ

Tuo Zaafi is made by boiling corn batter and adding some cassavas. It’s just like Banku, although it’s kind of soft and less sticky. It is a unique traditional dish made from rare herbs such as dawadawa and ayoyo leaves that are used in the preparation of the soup.

When choosing what to take with you in Ghana, the traditional dishes should be added to your list. The traditional dishes can be found at the local street vendors and most restaurants.

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