Victor Oladipo is set to make $ 30 million in the next season. Instead, he just signed a $ 2.4 million minimum veterans contract

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One of the most important stories of the NBA offseason was the saga of Dennis Schroeder. The Guardian reportedly turned down a four-year contract extension for the Los Angeles Lakers, valued at $ 80 million to $ 84 million. He believed he could find a better deal in the free agency. Unfortunately, this offer never came. Schroeder eventually agreed a one-year deal with the Boston Celtics for $ 5.9 million.

This is certainly a humble cake, but another security guard might even have missed it more Money.

Victor Oladipo, the 2013 NBA Draft second pick, seemed ready to take the next step in his career. He had helped the Indiana Pacers become a competitive team by getting on par with the LeBron James-led Cleveland Cavaliers.

But as for much of his career, Oladipo hit the injury disease. He never really returned to his pre-injury form, but he still believed he could. And so he bet on himself.

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Oladipo allegedly refused a four-year extension of $ 112 million from the Indiana Pacers. He didn’t think the team were contenders and wanted to play for someone with a better chance of winning the title. The Pacers started buying him around and eventually sent him to the Houston Rockets in the James Harden deal.

In Houston, Oladipo played pretty well, beating his career average on points, rebounds and assists. The Rockets were no longer the title contender they had been just a few years earlier, although they still wanted to keep Oladipo long-term. They offered him a two-year contract for $ 45.2 million, which was the maximum they could offer at the time under the league’s collective agreement.

Oladipo also refused this deal.

After 20 games, the Rockets sent Oladipo to the Miami Heat in another trade. But thanks to injuries, Oladipo played for the Heat in just four games. And although the 2020 NBA Finals were reached, the Heat was swept by the Milwaukee Bucks in the first round of the following postseason.

When the offseason began, Oladipo was hoping for a lucrative multi-year contract. However, the free agent market eventually dried up as it watched other players make big bucks, either through free agencies or sign-and-trade deals.

However, no one came and called to Oladipo. His only offer came from the Miami Heat – the Veteran’s minimum, valued at $ 2.4 million. Had he signed the $ 110 million contract with Pacers, he would make nearly $ 30 million a year.

I wouldn’t feel so sorry for Victor just yet. Despite these contract difficulties, he has already made around $ 105 million from his salary alone during his time in the NBA.

But of course thats season will be the ultimate “proof year” for Oladipo. He is only 28 years old; If he can get back to form, he could get an even bigger deal next season. But if injuries still haunt him, it becomes hard to take what he has given up.

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