Video of frog coming out of a woman’s toto leaves social media users shocked

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Many social media users were in shock after seeing a video showing a frog emerging from a woman’s pʋŋaŋi that appeared online.

The video broke the internet and many people are struggling to get the horrific sight of a frog coming out of a woman out of their minds.

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Video of a frog coming out of a woman
Video of frog coming out of a woman’s toto leaves social media users shocked.

The video drew some hilarious comments on social media, especially from men.


Some gentlemen are even angry saying that they will never trust women again after watching this video, wondering if frogs are the reason some grab pʋna and some even regret that they attacked women.

“I can’t believe we thought the opposite sex had pʋŋa prints, kanti it was the frog that was stretching all the time. I will never trust women, ”Mahlatsi tweeted.

Some men even thought about using alternative ways to help themselves rather than poking around.

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“I think I’ll stick with my hand for now until the gentlemen find a way we can check this pʋŋa before we poke. I couldn’t even eat after that last night

Snikeziwe Mabena said she was still shocked but could not overcome the confusion and fear she kept seeing in men after watching this video.

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