Whoopro honored for innovation in influencer marketing

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Whoopro, a self-service influencer platform that creates value and connects brands and digital influencers, has received an award for offering intelligent digital innovations in influencer marketing in Ghana.

The Innovation Award of the Year was presented at the recent Pulse Influencer Awards.

Influencer marketing has been a key strategy for brands since the social media boom. There are over 11 million internet users in Ghana. The continued increase in people’s use of digital space has led companies to recognize the need to reach their audiences through influential people.

Eli Daniel-Wilson, Team Lead at Whoopro, commented on the award: “We are very pleased to receive our first award since our official launch in 2020. It complements our efforts to be groundbreaking innovative and bring the much-needed structure to the market how influencer marketing is done. “

“We developed a smart solution to ensure that both brands and influencers get the most out of their engagement. What sets Whoopro apart is that it is simple, automated, cost effective and self-serving, ”added Mr. Daniel-Wilson.

Whoopro was developed by the Global Media Alliance and is Ghana’s first digital product that offers innovative, seamless solutions to use a software application to meet the challenges of brands and influencers during digital marketing campaigns.

Whoopro offers three key solutions – helping brands find the right influencers; Let influencers see their worth and earn more; and provide real-time tracking, reporting and analysis for brands and influencers.


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