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Joan Krah, 29, who faked her kidnapping incident last week in Takoradi, western region, has been sentenced to six years in prison

She faked her abduction last week and confessed to police that she did so in order to extort GH ¢ 5,000 from a relative.

She reported to the police after realizing that the incident of her abduction had been reported to the police.

She was charged with deceiving an officer and posting fake news.

What happened?

Last week, Joana and two other people faked a kidnapping incident in Takoradi in the west

The other two are Susana Awortwe, 27 years old, and Francis Eshun, 27 years old.

They allegedly faked a kidnapping and demanded a ransom of GH ¢ 5,000.

Police told the court that Joana Krah had conspired with the other two suspects, Susan Awortwe and Francis Eshun, to fake their abduction on Friday, October 22, 2021.

When Joana learned that her adoptive father had reported to the police and started an extensive search to find her, she turned up kidnapped on Saturday the 23rd.

Further police investigations led to the arrest of suspects Susan Awortwe and Francis Eshun for complicity.

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