“You are no different from him” – Van Vicker beats up Prophet Oduro for insulting the kissing priest

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The actor and future president of Ghana Van Vicker has called for war between him and the unforgiving man of God, the prophet Kofi Oduro.

Van Vicker criticized the man of God ‘s statement in a video in which he responded to Reverend Father Ricky, the Anglican priest, for kissing some of the students at St. Monica’s College of Education.

The actor suggested that although what the Anglican priest did was not godly, it did not allow another man of God to throw vulgar words at him.

Van Vicker stated that he did not support the prophet Kofi Oduro’s approach to criticizing the priest.

He added that using vulgar words as a preacher does not set you apart from preachers who sexually molest women.

In other words, Rev. Kofi Oduro and Reverend Father Ricky are all sinners in God’s eyes, the actor said.

Prophet Kofi Oduro was piping hot after the video of Reverend Father Ricky kissing three students at St. Monica’s College of Education at a mass went viral.

The man of God could not control his anger and used some inexpressible words against the priest.

According to the prophet Oduro, the priest has dishonored God and subjected Christianity to ridicule and the only way to address him was to insult him.

Oduro shouted, as always, in a loud voice: “The priest’s robe is not for fools. If God hasn’t called, find a gutter to sleep in. If God hasn’t called, look for some ‘ofos’ to sell and stop deceiving in the name of God ”.

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